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Taster Courses

These free 5 week courses give you an introduction to basic Welsh covering topics such as greetings, introducing people, your home, learning languages,likes and dislikes, ordering drinks.  The course is free but the book and accompanying CD cost £5.

Course TitleTownCentreDayStart timeFinishStart dateClass codeRegistration
Free Taster CourseBODELWYDDANBusiness CentreTues1.30 p.m4.00 p.m.13/11/2018gd-07069
Free Taster CourseDENBIGHCanolfan Iaith ClwydThurs9.30 a.m.12.00 p.m.15/11/2018gd-07070
Free Taster CourseDENBIGHCanolfan Iaith ClwydTues7.00 p.m.9.00 p.m.13/11/2018gd-07071
Free Taster CoursePRESTATYNSalford by the Sea Holiday CampTues1.00 p.m.3.30 p.m.13/11/2018gd-07072
Free Taster CoursePRESTATYNSalford by the Sea Holiday CampMon7.00 p.m.9.00 p.m.12/11/2018gd-07073
Free Taster CourseRHUDDLANCommunity CentreMon1.00 p.m.3.30 p.m.12/11/2018gd-07074
Free Taster CourseRHUDDLANCommunity CentreMon7.00 p.m.9.00 p.m.12/11/2018gd-07075
Free Taster CourseRHUTHUNColeg Cambria LlysfasiThurs9.30 a.m.12.00 p.m.15/11/2018gd-07076
Free Taster CourseY RHYLLibraryTues1.00 p.m.3.30 p.m.13/11/2018gd-07077

  • Following the free 5 week taster courses we will offer full length continuation courses starting in January
  • Register online by following the links above
  • Please do so 3 days before the first lesson.
  • If you’re having difficulty registering online please phone 01745 812287.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept students under the age of 16 on these courses.

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